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AntFarmATL Artwork

Hello. I am Charles Pittard from Atlanta, GA.


"How long have you been drawing "ants?" It's a question I get asked more than once. 


As long as I can remember I've been drawing & painting them. Putting them inside of their own colorful "ant farm" where, like us, they have everyday ups-n-downs.  


I like to take their picture. Then they show me other dimensions and complexions of their world, always surprising me. Always very much alive, like us, in their own life-n-death struggles. 


Inside of the "ant farm" they dance & play & cry & laugh. And gratefully, inside of the "ant farm" if I work hard enough on each piece I'm always taught a useful lesson. Yes, they do speak to me.


If I had to describe my work I would say it's part cartoonist & part abstract expressionist & part photographer. I like to put music to some of the finished pieces, too - which you can see on my Instagram page.


Thank you for visiting "Ant Farm ATL." Stay a while & get to know some of them. Maybe they'll speak to you, too.

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